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Oral Appeal Avalon Betts Gaston

On February 15, 2017 the oral appeal for Avalon Betts Gaston was heard before The Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit; Docket 16-2034.

This was really interesting for it appeared that everything said to the court (Judge Hamilton was the speaker for the court) by Avalon’s attorney DID NOT represent what I personally heard or saw. Now this is just my opinion of course and I am not a lawyer however I don’t understand how she could have behaved so disrespectfully to Judge Norgle and gotten not only away with it but then try to tell the court HE did all of the things I saw HER do; I don’t get it. Like I said, this is my opinion, I can only say what I saw and heard but Judge Norgle exhibited the patience and tolerance I could never had done! I saw this lawyer make faces, yell, disrespect the court constantly and now before the  Court of Appeals she is saying Judge Norgle did what I saw her do; come on now. She must be a good lawyer to be this bold and have the nerve to put her actions on him; WOW!!!!

It’s too bad the Court of Appeals doesn’t read my web site or blog.

Avalon Betts-Gaston is currently at Alderson FPC Inmate # 43787-424 release date 10/19/2020. Sometimes I wonder if all of this could have been avoided if she had (1) told the complete truth, (2) apologized to the victims, and (3) made restitution. Well, at this point all I can do is bless her and pray that this will not happen again.

(Hear attached appeal)

I saw this and just could not stop laughing




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