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Watching the various news channels,  just wondering if what we have in action is a disciple of the anti-christ? Is our country being thrown under the bus by allowing foolish thinking to become the norm? As a country I think we are in serious trouble both spiritually and mentally . It looks like to me at least that wickedness has taken the gloves off and come out swinging. I believe strongly that it is essential that we not only maintain our faith in God and also remember that God gave us the ability to think and reason, to work for justice and fairness. I question when politics stand  in the path of justice, when a bully can take over a country and the very people who have the ability to stand up and speak out are so afraid that at least to me it appears they believe as the disciple of the anti christ believes. Is calling yourself a senator, congressman,  or holding some office more important then standing up and saying no more? What master is being served?

 I find it funny how quickly people are called on to refute and deny a black man when it is to their benefit but to deny the disciple of the anti-christ  (that is my personal opinion) politics says no, no, no support him no matter what even when he won’t support you. SHAME

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