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New Information

I have posted on the web site updated documents regarding Avalon Betts Gaston:

  1. Document # 190 Opinion And Order
  2. Document # 188 Government’s Sentencing Memorandum

There are additional documents that I will post if anyone is interested; just let me know.

Web Site:

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I am working the program from “A Complaint Free World” by Will Bowen and it got me to thinking about forgiveness. I refuse to hold a grudge against Avalon Betts Gaston, D’Mona Ross or Felix Daniel or any of those not charged but who played in a part in the frauds. I was hoping that this mess would be finished by now but eventually it will be over. I will continue to post as informati0n is received but I do feel sorry for what they will be going through. I will not be bullied or intimidated regardless of the courtroom behavior but I do bless them and pray for them.

Now for those of you who think wow, she is going soft; that is not it. I think it is important not for them, I do not think they give a flying hoot on my thoughts, but it is important for me to be able to bless them. As a victim of their crimes, there is no reason for me to sink to their level. So I do bless them even when they bring a large group of people to the courtroom or the mother of Avalon Betts Gaston screams at me, I bless her. I realize there is NOTHING they can do to me that I did not nor cannot survive. 

As I stated I will continue posting information as I receive it for I believe it is important for the public and especially victims to know they are not alone and the procedures that were enacted to protect us including all guilty verdicts.



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Delay Again

Once again, we go into the void! Avalon Betts Gaston’s sentencing was suppose to happen November 18, 2015 but the previous day her attorney made a motion to have Judge Norgle removed. I fail to understand this motion (okay, I am not a lawyer; THANK GOD) as the only person I saw misbehaving (my personal opinion) in the courtroom and being constantly disrespectful to the judge was the defense attorney. She screamed, yelled, banged on the table, interrupted the judge and even went so far as to scream at him to take his robe off and come down to the prosecution table. It was again in my opinion the most disgusting way a person let alone a lawyer could act in a federal courtroom to a FEDERAL judge. I just do not get how a motion could have been filed wanting the judge removed!

Now let me tell you what I saw, Judge Norgle was calm, he did not go off on her he did not even find her in contempt and put her in a jail cell. The judge corrected both sides when they said the wrong thing; both sides, prosecution and defense. Anyway, once a motion has been filed the judge must review it and then rule. (I got that from other lawyers so do not accuse me of practicing law) My personal thoughts is this is just a ploy to get more “free” time for Avalon Betts Gaston especially as the holidays are coming up or maybe the groundwork for the appeal which I am sure will be coming as the sun rises. Therefore, it now appears the next court date will not be until after the New Year and then we will see what the next show will be.

One more thing, there was a gang of people in court today with Avalon Betts Gaston (could have been family?) and as they were leaving, her mother got her courage up and yelled at me pointing her finger. Now I can understand her frustration, after all her daughter stole homes, equity, lied, got disbarred and to this date to my knowledge still refuses to take responsibility but blames others (especially D’Mona Ross – poor thing) but in addition to “acting a fool” INSIDE the courtroom (not the hallway but INSIDE the courtroom) she also yelled (threaten?) the F.B.I. agent. Now that to me was kind of foolish but at this time and considering how each time she is in the courtroom when I am there she feels it necessary to stare and roll her eyes at me I don’t expect anything less. For some reason her behavior reminded me of rape trials where the victim is blamed for being raped and the guilty one was such a saint (HAH).

My thoughts when she did this with her “gang” (OK maybe family?) surrounding her is courage came a little late. In my mind, courage should have been there when Avalon was stealing homes and equity, courage should have been there the first, second and third times her daughter set up companies to steal and have others help her by being straw buyers and getting paid including her father (Per court records both she and D’mona Ross used a parent who if I remember correctly admitted getting paid.) Courage definitely should have been there when her daughter set up the company “In Jesus Christ Name” and then used it also to steal. (Again, see the disbarement ruling.) Courage should have been there for the victims when her daughter was disbarred for her actions. Courage should have been there when four short years after becoming a lawyer she started committing fraud (See ARDC disbarement ruling on my web site.)  Where was the courage then?


So now, with a posse around (OK, maybe family) you want to have courage to yell at one of the victims. And that’s another thing, another one of the victims was also in the courtroom standing to the right of me but mom did not yell or threaten her but it looked like me and the F.B.I. were fair game. Well, I cannot speak for the F.B.I. but I refuse to remain a victim so you can scream, yell, point do whatever makes your day. I will be in the courtroom when sentencing finally comes around, I even plan to be at the jail wherever it is to take a picture. Just as I refused to remain the victim of Avalon Betts Gaston, I refuse to allow her family and or friends to victimize or intimidate me.


I was in that forgiving frame of mind and then you stepped off on me; oh well.

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