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President Barack Obama June 19, 2015

An oldie but a goodie!!!!! Considering the state of our country today I thought it would be good to listen and remember how a TRUE President conducts himself. Aw, remember the gold old days. POWER TO THE PEOPLE

Folks, PLEASE get out and vote in ALL of the elections local, state, and federal. There will be no change unless you participate and vote those out of office who place themselves and their cronies ahead of the people not only of this country but remember what they do will “trickle” over the world. Send a clear message and VOTE


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April 22, 2018 My Notes Ready For the Overflow, Working with the Law Guest Speaker Reverend Sherri James

I am on a forward march!

It’s my turn!! I must shift my energy to that which God has placed in me

I am = unconditional awareness

First I see it, then I become it

I am (me) get condition by whatever I put in front of me

I am because of how I use my I am

All of me has not been conditioned, I can become what I’ve never been. There is hope for change

Feed my I am new ideas

I can tap into the best part of me and become what I’ve never been before

Be bold and daring enough to take on what God intends for me

John 8:58,  John 1:1-3,  Col 1:27,  John 14,  Col 1:29,  Phil 1:2,  John 4:1-5


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April 1, 2018 Notes Easter Sunday Strong, Stronger, Strongest. The Strongest Always Get Up Again! Rev. Dr. Derrick B. Wells

I have the power to cross out and eliminate that which I no longer need. The power is within me

Sometimes I can be forced back (by myself) I can, I will learn my lesson AND get my blessing

I’m my own and biggest critic

Walking with God is not always easy; it is always beneficial

Know that greatness comes with a great price

My trials come to make me strong. I’m getting stronger every day

Make a small shift in my mindset

1 Move My Faith: Faith is more than idle wishing. Is my faith underdeveloped

1a. Area of Hope: Keep moving forward even when I feel like giving up.

Commit myself to not giving up

1b. Blind Faith: Move as if God has got me regardless of what I think

1c. Understanding Faith: I don’t have to doubt that God has got me.


Average thought patterns can only bring about average thinking

1d. Faith Thinker: God can and will be decisive and make my decisions

Trust that God will bless me over difficulties

  1. Move My Focus: What I focus on is where I’m going. Difficulty always shows up as a lesson to teach me God is in the mist of my challenges. No matter what I think God can think higher
  2. I have control over my thoughts, behavior, and what I feel
  3. I learn by the problems I’m given to solve
  4. It’s not about just focusing on what is in front of me
  1. Move My Feet: There is a clear distinction between talk and action!I’m ready to get up again
  3. I can’t take the old me into my new experience!!!!


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March 30, 2018 Notes Good Friday Golgotha’s Hill The Seven Words (Steps) to be Taken to Redeem the Human Consciousness Various Ministers

Today Is My Day Of Crucifixion Rev. Rosemary Bookstein

I recognize that the mind of Jesus The Christ is in me

The I Am is my connection to God

I release pain, fear, envy, self hatred, and unworthiness

I am all that God is!!

First Word   Rev. Henrietta Byrd

I must forgive myself as God has forgiven me. God loves me

I can and must make a transition in my life; only I can change for me. I live myself, I forgive myself

Second Word  Rev. Jacqueline Triche Atkins

Examine my quality of faith

Stop judging others by appearances, and stop judging myself

I can walk through my shadow of death

My power of decision made with a faith foundation is powerful

Summon the Christ within me

The kingdom of God is the paradise that dwells within me this day.

I am one with my good

Third Word  Rev. Shirley Lawson

God’s love in me is pouring through me to all of God’s children

Even while on the cross Jesus still showed love and compassion

I must learn how to love like Jesus the Christ

Love is what I do!

Fourth Word  Rev. Fannie McCullough

I am never forsaken; the presence of God is within me always

God always provides for me, I just need to accept

I’m never alone regardless of what I feel


Fifth Word  Rev. Marjorie Cook

I drink all of the Living Word of Spirit and every need of my body is fulfilled

I am a spiritual being having a human experience

All I have to do is ask with faith and God shall fulfill

Be still, meditate and experience God

I need God in all my ways

Sixth Word  Rev. Alberta Ware

I will nail all negative things to the cross; they are finished in my mind

I release all burdens now

It is finished

The Christ in me now has His perfect way

Good knows my heart

Seventh Word  Rev. Evelyn Boyd

I give myself fully to God; the last barrier between the personal and spiritual is dissolved

What happens in my life is a part of my cycle; I’m learning and growing

I must evolve within myself

If I never had a problem how can I know that God can solve them?

And Beyond  Rev. Dr. Derrick B. Wells

Now it is my turn to release



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Change of Posts

I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with this blog; as you have probably figured out by now I’m not a great one on blogging or keeping a  journal and so I’ve been deciding if I should keep the blog site or let it go. I really don’t want to end it as there is great information here but something new needs to be done. And then as usual I got the most wonderful idea. I write notes each Sunday I attend church and I thought this would be a wonderful place to put my notes! I would love to post the YouTube videos from the corresponding service with my notes for that day however I’m still learning how to do that. Not every Sunday notes will be given, just the days I attend. I will date each set of notes and please remember these are MY notes and MY opinions of what I hear; it may not be what the minister or speaker was trying to get across, my notes are a reflection of my understanding.

I’m starting my blog with March 30, 2018 and yes, I’ve missed two Sundays in April (smile).  So welcome to the understanding of Shakeela.

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