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Knee Replacement

I had a total knee replacement last month, now I am off the walker and using a cane. I can’t wait until I can get back to church. I wonder do others fill “out of sorts” when you miss service for a while (for me it’s been over a month) and I miss the joy I have when I walk through the doors. It is like having warm arms just circling you and everything is right with the world. Alright, I know that sounds a little nerdy but it is how I feel.


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D’Mona Ross (Johnson)

D’Mona Ross received probation today. This was based upon her willingness to (1) take responsibility for her actions (2) to testify against her co-defendant Avalon Betts Gaston and Felix Daniel (both who have been convicted and sentenced) and (3) to be sincerely apologetic for her part in bringing so much pain and suffering to homeowners.

I am very pleased about this, as you all know I have always believed that D’Mona Ross was being made the fall guy. Even though she was not the so-called knowledgeable attorney   she could have received at least 18 months in a federal prison.  Judge Norgle took under consideration the above and gave her probation. In addition, Ms. Ross will be allowed to leave the State of Illinois and move to Florida based upon a job offer in sales she has. This move of course will depend upon her actually getting the job but I think this also is good; it will give her a second chance and hopefully all will work out well for her.

At this point I don’t think there is any more need to discuss D’Mona Ross so I personally want to release and bless her. I wish her well!!!!

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