I am working the program from “A Complaint Free World” by Will Bowen and it got me to thinking about forgiveness. I refuse to hold a grudge against Avalon Betts Gaston, D’Mona Ross or Felix Daniel or any of those not charged but who played in a part in the frauds. I was hoping that this mess would be finished by now but eventually it will be over. I will continue to post as informati0n is received but I do feel sorry for what they will be going through. I will not be bullied or intimidated regardless of the courtroom behavior but I do bless them and pray for them.

Now for those of you who think wow, she is going soft; that is not it. I think it is important not for them, I do not think they give a flying hoot on my thoughts, but it is important for me to be able to bless them. As a victim of their crimes, there is no reason for me to sink to their level. So I do bless them even when they bring a large group of people to the courtroom or the mother of Avalon Betts Gaston screams at me, I bless her. I realize there is NOTHING they can do to me that I did not nor cannot survive. 

As I stated I will continue posting information as I receive it for I believe it is important for the public and especially victims to know they are not alone and the procedures that were enacted to protect us including all guilty verdicts.



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