A foolish question

I was out  this morning and a woman I didn’t know approached me and started talking to me as if I knew her.  Now I don’t remember ever meeting this woman but that’s not to say I hadn’t met her somewhere.  But anyway,  she said aren’t you Shakeela and I said yes she asked how I was doing and I said fine how are you, you know the usual bland conversation.  She then said well you must be happy now that Avalon is being sentenced. My radar went up and I looked at her and said excuse me I don’t think I know you.  She said oh yeah we know each other but it wasn’t said in a pleasant way. So me being me I took a step back cause now  a days you don’t know what someone will do and I looked at her and I said I don’t remember meeting you , where did we meet. She then said I guess you’re happy she’s going to jail. I didn’t want to have a conversation with her so I  asked her was she happy about the situation and turned and went on about my business.   Now I probably should have said something else but I didn’t know this woman and it was plain to me that she didn’t know me.

I have no joy about both Avalon and D’mona being sentenced,  there is no joy in this whole mess. You have a former attorney disbarred found guilty while victims have never gotten apologizes but there can be no joy in her pain. I feel the same way about D’mona.  I don’t feel joy, happiness,  vindicatness,  oh you’re getting yours now. No, I feel sadness for both of them. I do want this over so I can no longer have to go to court but there is no joy in this for me. I wish with all my heart this had never happened that both women respected their professions and definitely respected us and not in my opinion see us their victims or  easy marks. But I will not spend my life hating them or holding a grudge no, I refuse to be that kind of a person. I will admit when the scam first came out I as seriously pissed and I was mad for a long time but guess what, none of them could care less about me being mad and my feelings did not make any difference in their actions. My feelings only affected me so no,  I have no joy in whatever happens with them. I will continue to bless and include them and their families in my prayers and when they are finally sentence I will again bless them.

I’m wondering if this woman reads my blog or Web site and that’s why she thinks she knows me I don’t know.  I  have a blog and especially the website so that others may learn how to protect themselves.  I want people to know they are not alone and there a places to get help.  I want folks to know my experience not because I’m angry or want attention but I think I would be guilty if I kept what happened to me and not shared it so others can learn from my experience.  I don’t believe I have ever mentioned the names of the other victims on my website or blog, I just wanted others to know what happened to me and what the results were. I will keep the website up cause I think it’s important,  I will continue to update cause again I think it is important.  But there is no joy in whatever happens when both women are sentenced. I blessed and released them both a long time ago and lady whoever you are I bless and release you also.

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