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Currently watching Gayle King on CBS Morning News. Ms. King is at one of the Texas detention center; cages with children. My heart is so heavy. Yes, it is true, they are not following the law regarding entering the country, yes, Mexico also locks up people entering their country illegally and NO this is NOT Mexico. This is the action of a government that has ALWAYS persecuted people of color. This must stop! What makes it even more disgusting is how Jeff Sessions misquoted the Bible and how donald blames the democratic party instead of claiming HIS policy and HIS lies. There must be something that WE THE PEOPLE can do. So-called God-loving  people stood by as Nazi’s murdered, so-called God loving people stood by as dictators murdered their own people, so-called God loving people stood by and falsely justified slavery, and so-called God loving people still stand by while this countries want to be dictator embraces other dictators while lying over and over. Why is the congress silent? Who do they represent, the people or donald? WHY ARE THEY AFRAID OF DONALD? WHAT DOES DONALD HAVE ON CONGRESS MEMBERS TO FORCE THEM TO GO ALONG AND JUSTIFY LIES?

There will be a town hall meeting for my district which I don’t believe will be about this but I strongly encourage , no BEG all that care to attend these meetings and find out who your representatives are; call them, write them, text them, and email them. WE MUST DO SOMETHING

Congressman Dan Lipinski  US Representative for Illinois  District 3

Town Hall Meetings

  1. Saturday June 30, 2018  10am to 11:30 doors open at 9am Holiday Inn – Midway Airport 6624 S. Cicero Ave Chicago, IL
  2. Veterans Fair Monday July 2, 2018 10am to 12 noon Oremus Community Center 7900 S. Oketo Ave Bridgeview, IL
  3. Senior Fair Friday July 6, 2018 10am to 12 noon Lockport American Legion Post 18 15052 Archer Ave Lockport, IL
  4. Senior Fair 10am to 12 noon Louis S. Viverito Senior Center 7745 Leamington Ave Burbank, IL



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Watching the various news channels,  just wondering if what we have in action is a disciple of the anti-christ? Is our country being thrown under the bus by allowing foolish thinking to become the norm? As a country I think we are in serious trouble both spiritually and mentally . It looks like to me at least that wickedness has taken the gloves off and come out swinging. I believe strongly that it is essential that we not only maintain our faith in God and also remember that God gave us the ability to think and reason, to work for justice and fairness. I question when politics stand  in the path of justice, when a bully can take over a country and the very people who have the ability to stand up and speak out are so afraid that at least to me it appears they believe as the disciple of the anti christ believes. Is calling yourself a senator, congressman,  or holding some office more important then standing up and saying no more? What master is being served?

 I find it funny how quickly people are called on to refute and deny a black man when it is to their benefit but to deny the disciple of the anti-christ  (that is my personal opinion) politics says no, no, no support him no matter what even when he won’t support you. SHAME

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