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Another Lawyer Scamming The Public

Once again homeowners go down the rabbit hole with another lawyer running a mortgage scam. This is the year 2019 and nothing has changed as far as I can tell. Angela Fawn Wallace from Los Angeles, Ca has shown that the scam is still ongoing and that homeowners must be vigilant in maintaining the security and protection of your homes.

The homeowners in this case were murdered (I don’t know at this time if the attorney Angela Fawn Wallace was involved or charged however I will continue to research and as I get new information inform one way or another)

It appears from the multiple arrests of Angela Fawn Wallace she has continued with the get rich quick scams regardless of who it hurts. This is disgusting behavior and at this time in my opinion only serious long term imprisonment will help. I don’t know if prison will stop her as she probably can continue while in prison yet it seems to be the only deterrent at this time. I am concerned that the homeowners were murdered by a “fake postal worker” which to me appears to have made them deliberately targeted and my question is “WHY” unless it was tied to the mortgage scam? Again, as information is available I will post.

Updated information at

Disbarred lawyer masterminded real-estate scheme selling occupied homes she didn’t own, police say

Friday, July 19, 2019 7:09AM

LOS ANGELES — A disbarred Los Angeles-area lawyer who has already served time for fraud is facing new charges along with two other suspects in connection with an elaborate alleged real-estate scam.

The three suspects are facing dozens of felony charges.

Angela Fawn Wallace, a disbarred lawyer with multiple arrests for fraud on her record, was allegedly involved in forgery, identity theft, money laundering and grand theft in connection with the scheme, detectives say.

Characterized as a master manipulator, Wallace once was a celebrity lawyer, reportedly representing Magic Johnson and rapper Dr. Dre. But in 2001 she got in trouble.

She was convicted of defrauding 18-year-old Jontrae Byrdsong and his brother, 20-year-old Howard. They were living in Inglewood until they were murdered by a gunman posing as a postal carrier.

Timothy Mack is now serving three life terms for masterminding the killings. He and Wallace had been after $380,000 the brothers had received as an insurance payout after their mother, a Los Angeles Police Department officer, died of cancer.

Wallace had been sent to prison for forging the brothers signatures and spending the money on herself until they complained.

“They were owed the money. They were defrauded of that and they were murdered,” then-District Attorney Steve Cooley said at the time.

LAPD says Wallace has been at again

In the most recent case she allegedly conspired with Charlesetta Brown and David Greene who appeared in court Thursday.

The allegation is that they forged signatures of homeowners, transferred deeds to phony companies, then sold the homes to unsuspecting buyers. Detectives say the homeowners were stunned that such a fraud could even take place.

Investigators believe that there are other victims. Anyone with information is asked to contact detectives at (213)486-6630.

Meantime, homeowners are urged to check property records online every year to make sure your home is still your own.

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