Keeping this blog going Dated: 07/19/2014

I will be so glad when all of this is finished and I can put these people behind me. I was asked why I do not write more; the question had me stumped to say the least. I thought I was doing a lot. So for those of you who feel that I should be giving out or saying more about the players PLEASE understand my sole purpose is to share information on what happen to me. I am not interested in beating the “players” to the ground, (they may say differently) but to inform what happened and how the courts are dealing with them. Once they have been convicted (or not) in federal court, are in prison as with Felix Daniel I bless them, and release them, period. The web site and this blog hopefully will help others going through the loss of their homes via mortgage fraud. Now if you are asking do I like these people? No, I do not like them but I do love me; and I love me enough to fight back and know that what I do is necessary for others and myself. I had to fight back and yes, once this is over I release them, bless them, and wish them peace in their lives. I am learning hard as it may be to let go, harboring hurt and anger only hurts me, they could care less.

The web site and the blog will stay up for all who may need the information on them. For awhile I have been thinking about starting another blog but since I recognize I am not that everyday kind of blogger, (Twitter, Facebook and I seldom see one another) I probably will keep this and whenever I have a “deep” thought I’ll post. Another thought I have had is the blog name, at this time I really want another positive uplifting name but Fed Up And Fighting Back is well known and considering how seldom I will write I probably will keep the name but other things beside conversations about these folks will be posted. I tend to have some wild thoughts flittering through my mind especially right after a migraine!

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