Mortgage Fraud Update Dated: 10/26/2013

A few things have happened; as you know Felix Daniel was sentenced to eight years but he has appealed the sentence. (I wonder where he is getting the money to pay his attorneys and for the appeal. I sincerely hope he is not getting free legal advise especially now that he has been found guilty. Can he get free legal service for the appeal; does anyone know?) Anyway, his appeal has been scheduled for November 7, 2013 at 10:30 AM subject to change (Case # 13-2399). This is an oral argument before the Court of Appeals. Per the information I was given “These hearings are held before a panel of judges whose decisions are rendered in the form of a written opinion weeks or months after the oral argument.” Naturally I will post any additional information I receive.

Dirksen Federal Courthouse                 219 South Dearborn Street                 Chicago IL 60604

Avalon Betts Gaston is currently scheduled for federal trial January 13, 2014 subject to change of course.

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