Prostate Cancer Dated: 07/29/2013

My brother is dying. I don’t know what to do other then pray and try to share what I have learned. I don’t know if this is just a “man” thing not doing anything or telling your wife for two whole years until it became too late. From all that I have learned prostate cancer in the first stage is curable so WHY want to hold onto something that eventually has the potential to end your life?

The cancer has entered my brothers’ bones, his lungs and at this time all the doctors can do is try to control his pain; try to make him comfortable. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t understand men’s thinking. The doctor told him two years after he was diagnosed that his arm would have to be removed and again he did nothing so the cancer spread. I asked him why he didn’t do what the doctor said and he replied “he had to think about it” FOR TWO MORE YEARS; again, not telling his wife. By the time he finally told his wife she did just what he knew she would do. Insist on going to the doctor with him; learning everything she could and becoming his most active supporter which is what she could have done from jump-street if he had just told her. Men please understand; no matter how much you drive us crazy, no matter how many times we may think about knocking you into the middle of next week, no matter how much we fuss we still want you around living long, healthy, productive lives. We love you, we care about you and this need some men have not to share and inform is deadly to you and destructive to the family. Currently my brother is in such pain he is given medication before he can be turned. He says now he will do what the doctors say and he will not keep anything from his wife but from what I have been told it’s just a matter of months. It’s too late to follow the doctors’ instructions.

I have attached a link to the website National Cancer Institute PLEASE share it, talk to the men in your life about getting a prostrate exam and then follow up. I love my brother so much; we are nine months apart in age both born in the same year. I know that God is in charge so I know I must look at this as His Will but I love my brother so much and I just want him to live.

National Cancer Institute

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