Upcoming Trial Dated: 01/19/2015

I have been thinking how fed up I have become with this whole mess and if I should attend the final trial which is for the disbarred lawyer Avalon e’lan Betts-Gaston. Part of me needs to go so that I can (1) put closure to the whole thing and (2) complete my book on the whole experience. I need to really think about this. I can give myself closure without attending the trial and sentencing for D’Mona Ross (and hopefully the attorney also) but I also think it is important that my presence be made especially as this is a new judge.

Whereas with the previous judge I was always in court unless a migraine just forced me not to be there Judge Norgle has never seen the victims sitting on the front row in this case and I think it is important that faces not just numbers but real faces, victims be present. This case is for me at least the most important of them all for it comes down to if you cannot trust the lawyers then the people have no legal recourse. I have to really give this some serious thought.

I also think it is important that I write about this, which may also be a way I can then put it behind me. In order to write what happened to me then I need to follow the case of disbarred attorney Avalon Betts-Gaston from beginning to end.

Well, I have until April I do not have to decide right now. (As there have been continuances after continuances; status hearings, trial dates, etc. April might not be the trial start date. How can she keep putting this off?)

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