Working On Me Dated: 02/16/2014

I started this about a month ago in January and I am just posting it now but a lot has happened causing the delay so here goes.

So many wonderful blessings have happened they have put me in mind of dealing with self. Some things have been praying on my mind so strong that I woke up startled with the strongest compelling thoughts. I am obligated to get and keep my life in order. First must be forgiveness of self and others; I went on a crusade to see justice done to the people who stole my home. Maybe that crusade motivated me to fight back but at this point, I recognize that forgiveness was not included in my crusade and that is not a right way of thinking or being. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying I am giving up the fight they are two different things. Forgiveness to me means letting go of my pain and anger which I can do while still getting the word out regarding mortgage fraud and predatory lenders. They are two different things.

I cannot be a good steward over my own life if I cannot forgive those who have harmed me. Now let us be clear, that does not mean be a fool it does not mean accept people’s garbage and it does not mean I am obligated to associate with everyone nor they with me. We all have our own little ways that can work nerves. For me forgiveness means letting you be you and me be me blessing you and praying for your peace of mind.

I will continue to write my web site and blog keeping the public informed on what has happened but I am releasing the hatred and anger I felt toward ALL of them.

(Next blog will be on family; it’s a good thing I am the only one reading this!!!!!)

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