New Motion Filed

On July 27, 2015 a new motion was filed (document # 158) for Avalon Betts Gaston by her attorney.

Motion: Defendant’s Motions for judgement of acquittal pursuant to Fed.R. Crim. P. 29 and motion for a new trial pursuant (spelled purusant) to Fed. R. Crim. P. 33

Interesting; to sum it up it says the defendant (Avalon Betts Gaston) was “denied a fair trial in violation of her due process” also that “the judge evinced a strong pre-judgement of the case and a bizarre hostility to the defense that pervaded the entire jury and left the jury with the clear message that the Court had already concluded that defendant was guilty of the charges and that the jury should conclude the same.”

There is much more but I am puzzled. I just don’t get it; I was in court for the entire trial and I just did not see this. In the Illinois Supreme Court Announcement Of Disciplinary Decisions September 27,2011 Lawyer Disciplinary Orders it states: “Respondent (Avalon Betts Gaston) asserts that the Hearing Board was biased against her.” also “We are also troubled by Respondent’s lack of remorse and acceptance of responsibility for her wrongdoing. Despite Respondent’s numerous clear violations of the ethical rules and the substantial harm she caused, she not only fails to express remorse but maligns the integrity of the disciplinary process, blaming “those affiliated with the Commission” for the predicament in which she now finds herself. Consequently, we feel strongly that Respondent is unable or unwilling to conform her conduct to the rules of ethics and is likely to commit misconduct in the future. Our recommendation must protect the public from this likelihood.”
((see web site

My personal opinion is Judge Norgle was EXTREMELY patience even though he was repeatedly disrespected. He never exhibited hostility although what I saw was hostility and disrespect given to him. Now that is just what I saw. I did not at any time see the Judge humiliate or disparage the defense; I just didn’t see it. As I wrote earlier there were students and other attorneys in the courtroom and all appeared shocked not by the judge’s behavior but the defense. Is this normal to make such a motion? Can the Judge defend himself? This is just a WOW moment!

There were ten sections under “Defendant is entitled to a new trial pursuant to Fed. R. Crim. P. 33.” which by my not being a lawyer I could only read with my understanding  and the only thing I felt was it was once again showed lack of responsibility as was stated in her disbarment. When I think of all the effort to walk away scotch free and the tears the victims have shed this additional behavior just seems disgusting to me. I just don’t understand this;is this really what the law is for? Is this what is being taught in law schools?

D’Mona Ross is looking more and more like a class act!!!

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