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Update Sentencing Date for Avalon Betts Gaston

September 24, 2015: The sentencing date for Avalon Betts Gaston has been changed from October 7th to November 18, 2015 10am before Judge Charles R. Norgle Sr.Dirksen Courthouse Courtroom 2341

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Update On Sentencing

Update: D’Mona Ross has been rescheduled for sentencing to December 2, 2015 10:am before Judge Charles R. Norgle Sr

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New Motion Filed

On July 27, 2015 a new motion was filed (document # 158) for Avalon Betts Gaston by her attorney.

Motion: Defendant’s Motions for judgement of acquittal pursuant to Fed.R. Crim. P. 29 and motion for a new trial pursuant (spelled purusant) to Fed. R. Crim. P. 33

Interesting; to sum it up it says the defendant (Avalon Betts Gaston) was “denied a fair trial in violation of her due process” also that “the judge evinced a strong pre-judgement of the case and a bizarre hostility to the defense that pervaded the entire jury and left the jury with the clear message that the Court had already concluded that defendant was guilty of the charges and that the jury should conclude the same.”

There is much more but I am puzzled. I just don’t get it; I was in court for the entire trial and I just did not see this. In the Illinois Supreme Court Announcement Of Disciplinary Decisions September 27,2011 Lawyer Disciplinary Orders it states: “Respondent (Avalon Betts Gaston) asserts that the Hearing Board was biased against her.” also “We are also troubled by Respondent’s lack of remorse and acceptance of responsibility for her wrongdoing. Despite Respondent’s numerous clear violations of the ethical rules and the substantial harm she caused, she not only fails to express remorse but maligns the integrity of the disciplinary process, blaming “those affiliated with the Commission” for the predicament in which she now finds herself. Consequently, we feel strongly that Respondent is unable or unwilling to conform her conduct to the rules of ethics and is likely to commit misconduct in the future. Our recommendation must protect the public from this likelihood.”
((see web site http://www.fedupandfightingback.com)

My personal opinion is Judge Norgle was EXTREMELY patience even though he was repeatedly disrespected. He never exhibited hostility although what I saw was hostility and disrespect given to him. Now that is just what I saw. I did not at any time see the Judge humiliate or disparage the defense; I just didn’t see it. As I wrote earlier there were students and other attorneys in the courtroom and all appeared shocked not by the judge’s behavior but the defense. Is this normal to make such a motion? Can the Judge defend himself? This is just a WOW moment!

There were ten sections under “Defendant is entitled to a new trial pursuant to Fed. R. Crim. P. 33.” which by my not being a lawyer I could only read with my understanding  and the only thing I felt was it was once again showed lack of responsibility as was stated in her disbarment. When I think of all the effort to walk away scotch free and the tears the victims have shed this additional behavior just seems disgusting to me. I just don’t understand this;is this really what the law is for? Is this what is being taught in law schools?

D’Mona Ross is looking more and more like a class act!!!

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Letting Go

As with the rest of the convicted and jailed people involved with RYM Technology and now In Jesus Christ Name (IJCN), I will bless and let go of Avalon Betts Gaston and D’Mona Ross (Johnson). I will continue to post on both the blog and website (www.fedupandfightingback.com) any updates especially on the web site for I believe it helps both victims and potential victims to learn what they can do to protect themselves.

I have spent years dealing with this madness and frankly, I am fed up with it. I realize they have not asked forgiveness but that is on them; for me I am letting them go with my forgiveness and blessing. I am free!!!!


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I have delayed in updating my blog; I wanted time to adjust to this finally close to being over. As you know by now former attorney, Avalon Betts Gaston was pronounced guilty on all charges July 2, 2015. The sentencing will be October 7, 2015.

A lot happened during the trial that was just downright disgusting to me. I will try to cover some points but most of what went on I have decided that it is not worth my covering. I will post the transcript when I receive it.

The trial was from June 23 to July 2, 2015 and a lot was covered while a lot was not (per my opinion). The jury was not permitted to hear that Betts-Gaston was disbarred or sued and lost. I guess this was probably not to have the jury biased. I wonder if they had been allowed to hear that IJCN stood for In Jesus Christ Name what they would have thought. I also wondered about the “A” buyers whose credit or falsified credit was used to obtain loans. Whereas I do believe that the banks and mortgage companies have a lot to be held responsible for the “A” buyers who were paid (in some cases $5,000.00) caused serious financial and emotional damage to homeowners and in my mind should be prosecuted. See what you think once the transcript is posted.

My personal impression during the trial that EVERYONE associated with Betts-Gaston was thrown under the bus and then the bus backed up a few times and squashed them, flat.

After the verdict was read Betts-Gaston screamed, yelled, threw herself on the floor and had to be removed from the courtroom by stretcher to an ambulance. I felt bad for her until my husband reminded me of our situation with her. I still feel sorry for her especially as her behavior gave me the impression she was not prepared for a guilty verdict. Gaston-Betts was licensed as an attorney in 2000 and disbarred November 19, 2012 a short twelve years; not long enough for a lawyer to really get their feet wet. By 2003 (?) the RYM Technology fraud was up and running. In my mind, I wonder what was the point of law school especially such a distinguished school as John Marshall (1996 to 2000) then to be disbarred and convicted is a terrible mark. I reread the disbarment recommendation (see web site http://www.fedupandfightingback.com) and it appeared the same thing happened in the trial; Betts-Gaston failed to take responsibility and blamed everyone else. I wish that when she was working with RYM Technology she had learned from her victims’ pain that she would not have started In Jesus Christ Name, which to me continued the fraud.

Speaking of the name In Jesus Christ Name (IJCN) I just do not understand why she would pick that Name to commit fraud. I wonder if it was picked to make people feel “safe” in her actions. I guess we will never know the truth on that. Per Gaston-Betts’ sworn testimony (part of the transcript) she is now working at St. John Lutheran Church and School so maybe she can gain redemption even using In Jesus Christ Name (IJCN) that hurt people who needed a lawyer to help them save their homes.

Okay my next point, behavior in Court. I just think Judge Charles R. Norgle Sr. qualifies as the most patient person who could ever sit on a federal bench! This man in my opinion was disrespected and he did not lose his cool, he just kept the trial moving forward. Some law students had been in the courtroom got on the same elevator I was on and I was listening to them talk among themselves and one laughed and said “well now we know how not to act in a courtroom before a federal judge.” Is it proper procedure or even allowed for a lawyer to yell, bang their pen, make faces while going back to her seat (I think the jury could see), tell the judge he is out of order and also tell the judge he should take his robe off and come down to the other side. Is this the way courts are now conducted? I thought there was such a thing as contempt of court and jail time. Is that just on television law shows? I was in total shock; I looked up her bio, this is a magnificent attorney, graduated from a wonderful Chicago Law School, did outstanding work for the underprivileged, so why? I am not a lawyer so maybe this is just the way they act but to me personally it was uncomfortable to observe.

Oh well, in closing Avalon Betts-Gaston was found guilty. She has the right to appeal and her sentence date is October 7, 2015 10am before:

Judge Charles R. Norgle Sr.
Dirksen Courthouse
215 S. Dearborn Street Courtroom 2341
Chicago, IL 60604
Court Docket # 1:11-CR-00502

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The jury has it now so it’s just wait and see. This has been an interesting six days, I never thought a lawyer would be able to shout, yell or be rude to the judge or the court. The behavior I saw was something else. At least Avalon Betts Gaston has been disbarred now we wait for justice.

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