We had our first “Breakthrough” service at my church Friday evening and I really wasn’t prepared. I thought all my breakthroughs had come and gone; I knew what I needed to know and how to deal with them. I was so wrong! Just when I got to thinking what else is there for me to deal with that I haven’t already here comes God and in my case He showed me “My child, we have a lot to work on, you are no-where done” I will not go into the circumstance that brought me to this realization other then to say I am a tad pleased with myself, I held my tongue in the face of diversity and learned something from it. I don’t have to take the bait, play someone else’s game or fall into a trap. My blessings, empowerment, purpose and impact are mine to learn from and if possible share with others. I might write more on this later, I just had to put my thoughts down now. It is amazing how when I think I am in a place where I will not be tested God shows there is no place where a test will not come and it is up to you to stop, think and see it for what it is. I did not allow myself to become stressed out or go into another’s plan.  THANK YOU GOD for guiding me, for giving me the lesson and letting me see that all of my teachings have not been in vain and that I can control me and learn from the experience also. I have been blessed my whole life, every experience, every task, every relationship, every encounter have been in my life to get me where I needed to be, to learn and keep on stepping. I finally recognize that all that has happened has been for my benefit, my knowledge and I am so thankful.  THANK YOU GOD!!!!!



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