Change of Posts

I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with this blog; as you have probably figured out by now I’m not a great one on blogging or keeping a  journal and so I’ve been deciding if I should keep the blog site or let it go. I really don’t want to end it as there is great information here but something new needs to be done. And then as usual I got the most wonderful idea. I write notes each Sunday I attend church and I thought this would be a wonderful place to put my notes! I would love to post the YouTube videos from the corresponding service with my notes for that day however I’m still learning how to do that. Not every Sunday notes will be given, just the days I attend. I will date each set of notes and please remember these are MY notes and MY opinions of what I hear; it may not be what the minister or speaker was trying to get across, my notes are a reflection of my understanding.

I’m starting my blog with March 30, 2018 and yes, I’ve missed two Sundays in April (smile).  So welcome to the understanding of Shakeela.

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