June 24, 2018 The Dream Series Step IV: Love Rev. Gaylon McDowell

Quick reminder; as I stated in my April 23, 2018 post everything that I write are MY notes and MY opinions of what I hear; it may not be what the minister or speaker was trying to get across, my notes are a reflection of my understanding at that time. I have also included the various steps given in the Sunday bulletins as they are beneficial in helping me along my road and hopefully you’ll benefit from them also.

I have another great idea, you are welcome to spend some time with us at Sunday service (smile) the address is: Christ Universal Temple 11901 S. Ashland Ave Chicago, IL 60643. Now keep this in mind, service starts EXACTLY at 10:30am and ends at 12 noon (we strive hard to keep the minister on point) so try your very best to be in your seat no later then 10:15 and don’t worry about not knowing anyone, they smile, you smile and you’re on your way. (And don’t forget to tell them you are my guest) You will truly leave feeling totally renewed! Now let’s get started.

Step IV: Love

  1. Love is the idea in Divine Mind of universal oneness
  2. Love is a magnet. It draws all we need to make our dreams come true. People are attentive to what they love, and attention focuses the attracting power of the mind
  3. Perfect (mature) love casts out fear. Love and fear cannot coexist

Love: Love is the magnet of the Universe. Love will give, draw and cement all the substance, life and intelligence necessary for your DREAM. AS YOU LOVE, SO YOU REAP!

To come through and accomplish my dreams they must come via the God within me who wants me to wake up, stop being fearful, and go for my dream. Claim it and accomplish it!

God is the giver of my dreams, skills, ideas, and talent; I just need to “do”

God wants me to have my dreams (accomplishments) which is why He gave them to me

Do not allow myself to become disconnected from my soul (I personally need to study this)

If money wasn’t a concern what would I be doing? (I’m answering this privately)

What are my natural advantages? (Got to think on this)

Make my checklist of uninspiring dreams that don’t drive me to action

Understanding determines if something is a problem

My lack of understanding is the root of my stress; now that I know this what am I going to do about it?

Keep the “main thing” the main thing with my time, energy, and what gets my attention!

Don’t expect life to just show up in the “right” way. I have a divine right to set and be what I want


Love connects everything and everyone

Change my way of thinking; place love in its God-given place

Why an I hurting on the inside which if I’m going to be totally honest the question is true and one I must address

What I hold onto (pain and lack of forgiveness) will either explode or corrode

My decisions must not only benefit me today they must be beneficial to my tomorrows

God loves me therefore I don’t need to continue allowing bondage and destructive people to have a place in my life. God is therefore I am; that’s it

Another persons “conditioning” has nothing to do with me or have a place in my life

When I learn to love and accept myself as a child of God I will stop allowing difficulty and stress in my life

REMEMBER a double-edged sword cuts both ways!

I must learn and be willing to love myself and my dreams in a world of disagreement

I may currently be in a situation however my mind is on my dream! I will bring my body in harmony with my mind

Change my thoughts, love myself, and do the work now in the present; RIGHT NOW

Do MY work to open myself up to God’s flow

GET OUT OF MY OWN WAY!!!!!!!!    I was meant to produce all that God has placed within me

There is a teacher inside of me, time for her to let fear, shame, and anything else to step on!

Affirm daily and often: “I deserve a better life because I am a child of God and prosperity is my birthright”

John 15:9-10 (NRSV) “As the Father has loved me, so I have loved you; abide in my love. If you keep my commandments, you will abide in my love, just as I have kept my Father’s commandments and abide in His love”

You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLzIm0966qw


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  1. Thank You….you are wonderful “taker of notes” !!! This was a rich, powerful lesson!!!


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