July 8, 2018 The Dream Series Step VI: Work Rev. Sheree Thompson Los Angeles, Calif

Step VI: What Is Work?

  1. Work is not labor.
  2. Thinking is a form of work. The mind thinks in images or pictures.
  3. The way yo put my dream in work is to put myself in alignment with my dream. Always work for my dream not against it.
  4. God will reveal to me the work needed in my life to bring forth my dream.

Work: Work proves your FAITH and holds it steady. Take time for work, it is the price of success. Work for your dream, never against it. You work against your dream when you talk against it. You work against your dream when you talk failure. “Work for your dream and it will work for you”

Work the steps I need to achieve my dreams over and over again

I must create a clear picture, a map of my dreams (goals)

I must stay focus and develop a clear mental picture; what I want, where I’m going, how to achieve

The work is already in my soul

I bring only good things to life

My thinking connects me to God

I’m a unique and unrepeatable expression of God

No one can bring my good except me!

My purpose here and now is to experience my God-given rights at this moment

Watch my appearance – God is my source therefore I do not need approval from anyone other than God

Always tell myself Whose I am

I’m already equipped to achieve my dreams

Know what’s in my “tool-belt” and continue to build even after achieving one goal; move on to the next

I’m already equipped for my next step

I have been carrying burdens I don’t need to carry; who rules, false thinking or God

When I walk through my valley I get the chance to show God I recognize His purpose for me

Do I trust God?

Speak to the resistance in front of me – MOVE

Speak the truth to myself about myself in the mist of my battles

God is my magnet who has made my way

There is no place or room for distractions in my life

I get what I allow myself to see

When people and circumstances happen in my life it is MY responsibility to listen for God has put the people/circumstances in my life for a reason. They have their time to teach me; I have a time to learn that lesson

Let go of everything which separates me from my dreams (goals)

I am in control of my thinking

My dreams belong to me; work them

There is no such thing as undemonstrative understanding

I was handpicked by God for my dream

James 2:17 (NRSV) “So faith by itself, if it has no works, is dead”


You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-3mUXPaXuU



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