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D’Mona Ross DETERMINATION Dated: 06/27/2014

Once more into the void! My biggest question must be D’Mona Ross what are you thinking? Well as it was expected, Judge Shadur REFUSED to allow D’Mona Ross to withdraw her plea of guilty made on February 13, 2013. Judge Shadur AGAIN stated from the transcript that D’Mona Ross had made her guilty plea under her own free will and in addition, she told the court in her own words with her own voice what she had done in the mortgage fraud. Judge Shadur said there was no predicate (I think that was the word) to withdraw her plea and her plea of guilty stands. My personal impression was that the Judge was not please about having to cancel a trial that was ready to start (the trial of co-defendant Avalon Betts Gaston).

At this time D’Mona Ross’ attorney Scott Kamin will have to discuss with her a date for sentencing. I just don’t understand; how can a person that possibly had her freedom, (all she had to do was tell the truth), already testified (dropped a dime) on her co-defendant and others to various federal agencies and now after all is said and done, only her co-defendant is left for trial, does this tactic come up. I just do not get it. It makes me ask questions again.

(1) Why on earth wasn’t D’Mona Ross in court today of all days when the judge was making the decision that could possibly send her to federal prison?

(2) Was she fully aware of what was being said in open court and how via her attorney she sounded like an idiot (my opinion of course)?

(3) Why now when Avalon Betts Gaston was going to trial?

(4) Did D’Mona Ross ever get around to reading the transcript of Avalon Betts Gaston’s disbarment? Did she know in that transcript she was blamed; the mastermind?

(5) Who hired Attorney Kamin? Who recommended him to you?

(6) Has the thought crossed D’Mona Ross’ mind there may be a strong possibility that she may be called a liar and the architect of the mortgage fraud by Avalon Betts Gaston’s new lawyer who seems to be a sharp cookie.

(7) D’Mona, were you promised something if you changed your plea (my thoughts again). Did it never cross your mind that a sharp lawyer whose goal it is will be to get her client acquitted would not use your flip-flop as another way to discredit you and put the scam on your shoulders? It will be interesting to see once Avalon Betts Gaston’s’ trial begins if you are called a liar and how many times. Will you be the fall guy (again)?

(8) It is too bad you do not read my blog or web site. (See 06/23/2014 blog) You might have thought first what do; what you have to lose or is this another fraud where you may take the blame; the entire transcript is on the web site. All you had to do was READ and you might have thought how well you had it with possibly no jail time versus now sentencing with possibly jail. Do you really want to be the one in jail; girl I hope you got something out of it. To me (my opinion) it sounds like you have been seriously PLAYED!

Next: D’Mona Ross’ sentencing date which I will post when it becomes available.

The scheduling of the trial for Avalon Betts Gaston may be in November 2014 but I will post the actual date as soon as it becomes available.

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D’Mona Ross 2nd Status Hearing Dated: 06/23/2014

This is turning into the funniest case ever; in fact, it is so funny it could turn sad. This was the second status hearing on D’Mona Ross changing her plea from guilty over a year ago and then giving sworn testimony to various government agencies to not guilty. It just does not make sense to me but as you all know, I am not a lawyer so maybe it makes sense to them.

I was feeling a little sorry for her current attorney but then I really started paying attention to what he was saying and it made me curious to learn a few things:

(1) Where and how D’Mona obtained her new attorney?

(2) Has he been paid? In full? By whom?

(3) If you are trying to change a long standing plea why not be in court to actually hear for yourself what is being said?

(4) Who suggested that at this stage when the final trial for your co-defendant was to start that you NOW try to change your plea?

(5) Who really will benefit from you changing your plea?

(6) When you are called to testify in your co-defendant’s trial are you going to tell the truth?

(7) Did you ever get around to reading the testimony your co-defendant gave to the Attorney Registration & Disciplinary Commission (ARDC) filed March 30, 2011 when co-defendant Avalon Betts Gaston ended up being disbarred?  It is  posted on my web site; if I remember correctly you were blamed then. (“Respondent had no experience with mortgage loans, so she trusted Ross to handle that aspect of the business. Regarding IJCN, Respondent trusted Ross, and Ross took advantage of her. If Respondent knew what Ross was doing, she never would have gotten involved with her.”)  I wonder if you are being set up? Do you think there could be a possibility you are going to be blamed again?

(8) Will your co-defendant’s attorney be able to tear you to shreds on the stand and call you a liar? Will your co-defendant get jail time or will it be you? Will the light bulb go off then?

(9) Are you aware by wanting to change your plea you run the risk of losing the immunity that you had?  You  know, the immunity that could have kept you out of a jail cell?


                                                                        WHY, WHY, WHY?

Those are just a few questions that crossed my mind. Again, WHY lose the possibility of your freedom and be branded a liar when you were home free? I have an idea, maybe, just maybe, you should come to court June 27, 2014 9:15am (be there by 9) just a thought.

I am going to close this by reminding all I am not a lawyer and these are my thoughts. You do whatever floats your boat.

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D’Mona Ross 1st Status Hearing Dated: 06/05/2014

This was the funniest court procedure I have ever seen!  Let us get started; as I stated below D’Mona Ross has decided to withdraw her February 15, 2013 plea from GUILTY along with her freely made admission in open court of admitting her part in the mortgage fraud to not guilty. Her new attorney, Scott Kamin, who at times appeared (at least to me) to be very confused (?) seem to be winging it. At one point he even called her “his potential client” (does that mean he has not been paid in full yet and could that be a reason this is dragging on?)

Mr. Kamin gave the excuse that he could not open the CD’s and review the discovery for the case and needed additional time; even though he had informed the court a month ago that Ross wanted to change her plea. I would suggest that Mr. Kamin find himself a five-year-old child to teach him how to open a CD on a computer! It was then pointed out to him that his failure to open the CD was not grounds to change her plea after all D’Mona Ross said in her OWN words that her conduct was why she was GUILTY of the charges.

(Now this is where it got funny to me; I am writing this to be best of my memory.)

Judge Shadur: her plea was not depended on how much discovery had taken place. At this time, Ross (via her attorney Scott Kamin) has not conveyed to Judge Shadur why her plea should be withdrawn.

Attorney Scott Kamin: there is a good faith base to withdraw her plea; her plea was not made voluntary

Judge Shadur: did she lie to me?

(This is where I had to hold my laughter)

Attorney Scott Kamin: no, I don’t think she lied; she just felt she didn’t do anything wrong

Judge Shadur: that is not an accurate interpretation. Are you saying I lead her down the wrong path; that I entrapped her?

Attorney Scott Kamin: no, I am not saying that.

Judge Shadur then explained to her new attorney EVERYTHING that went on when Ross made her plea including how she first did not want to admit guilt and how he then told her he could not accept her plea. Two days later after conferring with her then attorney, Ross made a FULL admission of guilt and accepted her role in the frauds. At that time, Judge Shadur (to the best of my memory) asked her at least twice was she making the admission of her own free will and was she making it because she was guilty. Ross said yes and then Judge Shadur took it one step further and asked Ross to explain her part in the fraud which she did.

Finally, Judge Shadur asked to see the transcripts of Ross’s GUILTY plea and continued the status hearing until Monday June 9, 2014 9:30am

This is a small outline of what was said but I wonder how Ross could admit what she did, snitch on others and now want to back herself out of the fraud.

Because of her change of mind the trial for Avalon Betts Gaston must now be rescheduled, witnesses rescheduled, etc. Now my thought is wouldn’t she have come out better doing what she originally said and agreed to; tell the truth and make a deal, tell on everyone and possibly get probation for being a snitch (and remember she has for the past year and a half cooperated with the government) or run the risk of getting serious jail time.

I think if I was a lawyer I would call her my “potential client” also. I wonder how long this attorney will be around?

After looking at Mr. Kamin’s website, he appears to be very competent so I just wonder WHY.

Attorney Scott T. Kamin

55 E Jackson Blvd #1050

Chicago, IL 60604

(312) 322-0077

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Update Felix Daniel Dated: 06/01/2014

I have received calls regarding my lack of continuing to post on Felix Daniel and the status of his appeal. I probably did not make myself completely clear on why I was not posting about him but I have released and blessed him and moved on. For those who need to know his appeal did not go through and he will have to serve his sentence.

I really don’t want to deal with him again unless absolutely necessary especially as at this point the former attorney still has to go to trial and there has been a new “development.” See next blog

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In-Laws Dated: 02/16/2014

I was going to write on in-laws but that would not be falling in line with forgiveness so I bless them and RELEASE them. I was listening to Trinity Unity Church of Christ today and the Minister said, “Your “blood” (family, friends, race, religion, etc) can block your blessings.” That is so true. I do not have to like these folks and they do not have to like me, I do not even have to associate with them. I refuse to allow them in my life and I am at peace with my decision.

I bless them and let them GO!!!

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Working On Me Dated: 02/16/2014

I started this about a month ago in January and I am just posting it now but a lot has happened causing the delay so here goes.

So many wonderful blessings have happened they have put me in mind of dealing with self. Some things have been praying on my mind so strong that I woke up startled with the strongest compelling thoughts. I am obligated to get and keep my life in order. First must be forgiveness of self and others; I went on a crusade to see justice done to the people who stole my home. Maybe that crusade motivated me to fight back but at this point, I recognize that forgiveness was not included in my crusade and that is not a right way of thinking or being. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying I am giving up the fight they are two different things. Forgiveness to me means letting go of my pain and anger which I can do while still getting the word out regarding mortgage fraud and predatory lenders. They are two different things.

I cannot be a good steward over my own life if I cannot forgive those who have harmed me. Now let us be clear, that does not mean be a fool it does not mean accept people’s garbage and it does not mean I am obligated to associate with everyone nor they with me. We all have our own little ways that can work nerves. For me forgiveness means letting you be you and me be me blessing you and praying for your peace of mind.

I will continue to write my web site and blog keeping the public informed on what has happened but I am releasing the hatred and anger I felt toward ALL of them.

(Next blog will be on family; it’s a good thing I am the only one reading this!!!!!)

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Avalon Betts-Gaston Dated: 01/13/2014

The trial is currently set to begin for former attorney Avalon Betts-Gaston on June 2, 2014.

The status hearing was held today setting the above date but what I found interesting is that it appeared to me at least that D’Mona Ross would once again be made the fall guy. (Per the Disbarment Recommendation March 30, 2011, Avalon Betts-Gaston stated, “Respondent (Avalon Betts-Gaston) had no experience with mortgage loans, so she trusted Ross to handle that aspect of the business. Regarding IJCN (In Jesus Christ’s Name), Respondent trusted Ross, and Ross took advantage of her. If Respondent knew what Ross was doing, she never would have gotten involved with her.”)

Now as you all know I am not a lawyer and I do not pretend to be. I look up things on the internet (with a gram of salt) and I use Black’s Law Dictionary to help me in my attempts to understand. It just seems a little strange to me that a lawyer (at the time) who had her own practice, wrote a book, represented people, was registered with a Title Company didn’t know what she was doing. I feel a little sorry (ok, just a smidge) for D’Mona Ross; again, I don’t know, I just think she may have hitched her wagon to the wrong star!!

Look at the two pictures below and figure out which one was the lawyer and which one is the other person. Yes it’s true you can’t judge a book by it’s cover but to me at least something just doesn’t make a lot of sense that a smart lawyer who called herself “the queen bee” (that’s on the internet) and is showing another company called “Real Estate Services” ( didn’t know what she was doing! If this wasn’t so sad and so harmful and so downright disgusting to use the Name of Jesus (in case you all forgot what IJCN stands for its In Jesus Christ’s Name) it would be hilarious but the victims now have to listen to the intelligent former lawyer blame D’Mona Ross and maybe even others for her actions.

By the way, did anyone figure out which picture is the lawyer and which picture is the partner in crime?

Dmona Ross -              CHICAGO, illinois                           

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Appeal Court Dated: 11/28/2013

You can listen to the Seventh Appeal Court hearing held for Felix Daniel on November 7, 2013

(copy and paste)

Once the decision has been made I will post both here and on the web site

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Federal Bureau of Prisons Dated: 11/06/2013

The current information I have is Felix Daniel is in the FCI Morgantown Federal Prison located in West Virginia

Register # 44197-424

Release Date (Actual or Projected) September 18, 2020

Low Security

Low security Federal Correctional Institutions (FCIs) have double-fenced perimeters, mostly dormitory or cubicle housing, and strong work and program components. The staff-to-inmate ratio in these institutions is higher than in minimum security facilities.

I think at this time the best thing we as victims can do is continue to pray for him and his family.

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Oral Appeal Dated: 11/06/2013

The oral appeal for Felix Daniel is scheduled for November 7, 2013 Dirksen Federal Courthouse 219 S. Dearborn 27th floor at 10:30 am case # 13-2399

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