April 1, 2018 Notes Easter Sunday Strong, Stronger, Strongest. The Strongest Always Get Up Again! Rev. Dr. Derrick B. Wells

I have the power to cross out and eliminate that which I no longer need. The power is within me

Sometimes I can be forced back (by myself) I can, I will learn my lesson AND get my blessing

I’m my own and biggest critic

Walking with God is not always easy; it is always beneficial

Know that greatness comes with a great price

My trials come to make me strong. I’m getting stronger every day

Make a small shift in my mindset

1 Move My Faith: Faith is more than idle wishing. Is my faith underdeveloped

1a. Area of Hope: Keep moving forward even when I feel like giving up.

Commit myself to not giving up

1b. Blind Faith: Move as if God has got me regardless of what I think

1c. Understanding Faith: I don’t have to doubt that God has got me.


Average thought patterns can only bring about average thinking

1d. Faith Thinker: God can and will be decisive and make my decisions

Trust that God will bless me over difficulties

  1. Move My Focus: What I focus on is where I’m going. Difficulty always shows up as a lesson to teach me God is in the mist of my challenges. No matter what I think God can think higher
  2. I have control over my thoughts, behavior, and what I feel
  3. I learn by the problems I’m given to solve
  4. It’s not about just focusing on what is in front of me
  1. Move My Feet: There is a clear distinction between talk and action!I’m ready to get up again
  3. I can’t take the old me into my new experience!!!!

YouTube:  https://youtu.be/DjjRS2fws7A

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