April 22, 2018 My Notes Ready For the Overflow, Working with the Law Guest Speaker Reverend Sherri James

I am on a forward march!

It’s my turn!! I must shift my energy to that which God has placed in me

I am = unconditional awareness

First I see it, then I become it

I am (me) get condition by whatever I put in front of me

I am because of how I use my I am

All of me has not been conditioned, I can become what I’ve never been. There is hope for change

Feed my I am new ideas

I can tap into the best part of me and become what I’ve never been before

Be bold and daring enough to take on what God intends for me

John 8:58,  John 1:1-3,  Col 1:27,  John 14,  Col 1:29,  Phil 1:2,  John 4:1-5

YouTube:   https://youtu.be/8beBdVbvAYw

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